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Root Canals Specialist

866 Fix Teeth

Dentist located in Brooklyn, NY & Staten Island, NY

The dentists at 866-FIX-TEETH provide state of the art root canal services to patients from across New York City at our offices located in all 5 boroughs.

Root Canals Q & A

What is endodontic treatment?

Endodontic treatment is a fancy word for a root canal. While this is the most feared dental procedure, you have nothing to be afraid of at 866-FIX-TEETH. After all, it is nothing more than a deep filling. The dentist has to clean away the decay, locate the nerve chamber, remove the nerve, find and thoroughly clean all the canals, rinse them out and disinfect them, then dry and fill them. All this work is worth the effort because it saves your tooth and extends its lifespan while getting rid of pain and infection.

Are root canals the best way to treat interior tooth decay?

Yes, the national success rate for root canal treatments is between 70-80%. At the 866-FIX-TEETH offices, our success rate is 90-98%. Our success rate is higher because we have expert dentists with light hands and years of clinical experience. We can save almost any tooth with root canal treatment. We also provide repeat treatments to patients who have had unsuccessful treatment before coming to our practice.

How can I tell if I need a root canal?

The symptoms of a root canal are similar to the those linked to other types of decay. Common signs include toothache, swollen gums, and increased sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. The only way to know if you need a root canal for sure is to have a dental exam with x-rays to examine the tooth's interior structures.

Is it better to have a root canal than an extraction?

Advances in dental technology have improved so that now it is easier to treat and save your own tooth than to remove and artificially restore it. It is better for your dental and overall health to save and use your own natural tooth. It is also less expensive than removal and a prosthetic tooth. It is also better to save a natural tooth because the established bite mechanics depend on the presence of all the teeth. A missing tooth disrupts the normal balance of the bite and causes jaw pain, headaches, tooth loss, and other issues.

Insurance and Financing Options

At 866-FIX-TEETH, we accept most major insurance plans including all local/Union plans and PPOs, as well as most Medicare, managed care plans and Medicaid. If you've had an accident at work or motor vehicle accident, we will work with your carrier to make them pay for your related dental treatment. Here is a short list of the insurance providers we accept. Please contact our office if you do not see your insurance provider listed. If you don’t have any dental insurance, don’t worry! We will offer our own discounted membership plan that will give you 50% + off regular fees. Those with insurance are also eligible but are limited to a certain amount of discounted work.

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